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Heating system maintenance Tulsa, OK

Your heating installation in Tulsa, OK can maximize its lifespan and performance with basic, regular maintenance. It should be a routine, scheduled activity. Proper maintenance remains an important step to keep your heaters error and hassle-free. Take note of the most important maintenance priorities for your heaters to stay in top shape.

How Often Do You Need Maintenance?

Heating maintenance is a must once or twice a year. Heaters in certain areas can accumulate more dirt and particles and need more than an annual session. It is the most important preventive strategy for your heaters to stay hassle-free and live to their expected lifespan.

According to Forbes Magazine, the average age of heaters can reach 15 to 20 years. Meanwhile, some boilers and furnaces can last up to 20 to 30 years. For effective maintenance, take note of priority maintenance steps.

Clean, Clear Filters

Filter cleaning or replacement is part of heating services. They keep dust, allergens, spores, bacteria, and other pollutants away from heated air. It is an important part of indoor air quality for heaters for improved health and breathing. It also keeps airflow free from blockages.

Dirty filters can clog air passageways and strain your heating unit. This can lead to unnecessary heating repair and high energy bills.

Heating Coil Performance

The indoor heating coils of your unit are its main heating component. They are prone to collect dust, grime, and other pollutants on their surfaces. They can also develop blockages or corrosion damage over time. This is why inspections are as important as routine maintenance. No matter how new your heater is.

The Role of the Drain Trap

A drain trap collects condensate produced by a high-performance heating system. This part is also included in your regular maintenance. A top-performing heater can become strained or damaged when water vapor accumulates inside. It affects the heating component of the unit. It also affects the operation of your unit, leading to poor performance and damage.

Call Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling for your annual or biannual maintenance services. It is the most effective preventive strategy for your heaters to keep them clean, blockage-free, and operating without stress. You also save money on constant repairs.