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Heating system Tulsa, OK

Your heating installation in Tulsa, OK consists of critical parts with specific roles. They work together to bring effective heating to your home against the winter chill.

If you’ve ever wondered how these components work together to produce heat, we have a short guide to discuss these important heater parts.

Air Filter

The air filter is the gateway before your heater processes outside air. It blocks all dust, dirt, and microparticles away to keep warm air clean and healthy. It makes sure the air circulated at home is free from allergens, bacteria, and impurities. As part of heating maintenance, they need regular cleaning and you have to replace them every 3 to 4 months.


This is the fan that constantly pushes warm air out of your heating system. Its job is also crucial in ensuring hot air doesn’t build up inside.

Blower Motor

A blower motor is the engine that powers your blower. It makes it possible to provide warm air after it’s produced inside the heating mechanism.


These parts create the heat to warm the air inside your heater. They are exclusive to gas heaters. The blowers push out the hot air into the duct system or vents.

Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is a built-in safety device that shuts down the heater when it doesn’t detect a flame or heating element. This prevents gas from building up without heat to consume it, which can cause a fire or explosion.

Return Register

The return register is where your heating unit draws air from to heat. They are usually installed in the ceiling. Cold air goes in, gets filtered, and goes through the burner. The resulting warm air goes through the blower powered by its motor, and out to the room, providing warm air.

All parts of your heater are important. Any malfunction in one part will affect the whole system. This is why maintenance and heating repair is a must.

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