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Newly Installed Daikin AC Unit Broken Arrow, OK

An air conditioner usually lives up to 15 to 20 years with proper use and maintenance. Its last days are inevitable once they reach this age range and if there are too many issues. If it’s the nth time for air conditioning repair in Broken Arrow, OK, it’s time to get a new and better AC.

Take note of these telltale signs that point to the inevitable conclusion of your air conditioner.

An air conditioning replacement will give you a chance to upgrade and get features you’ve never had in an AC before.

Your AC Is Too Old

When your air conditioner turns 10 years old, with barely any air conditioning maintenance or tune-ups, expect it to age even faster. This is when it will start having problems that can only cause stress and big repair costs. Somewhere down the line, you’ll need to replace it with a more advanced model with better features.

Repeated Repairs

Too many repairs in a year for an old AC unit is a red flag, and an expensive one. You are better off with a replacement that will work efficiently for years. Often, older ACs that have repeated repairs are the result of not doing any proper air conditioning services and tune-ups. You will pay the price later, so make sure to check on your ACs.

High Energy Bills

What’s another money pit situation for your sketchy old AC? Higher energy bills. A faulty AC will work twice as hard against any of its issues or developing damages. It will guzzle more energy as a result, with big electricity bills draining your cash every month. Switch to a new, better air conditioner and put a stop to high electricity bills.

Call Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling today for a professional air conditioning installation. You need a new AC at this point instead of continuing a costly old and malfunctioning AC. We are here to install, maintain, and repair them for their whole life to make sure they perform at peak performance and maximum years.