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technician installing an AC in Tulsa, OK

You need a professional technician to install your AC. It is a critical process. You have to start it right or else, issues will come up that will cost you, aside from air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK. We’ll take a closer look at the consequences of a bad or improper installation.

High Energy Bills

This is a common result of improper air conditioning installation. When you don’t have proper sealing of the space, you lose cool air. The AC has to work harder to meet cooling needs. Extra strain drives your AC to consume more energy. It also leads to parts wearing down faster.

Speeding Up Its Lifespan

Most AC units can reach a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. But if the installation isn’t done right, it results in poor performance and loss of cool air. Over time, the extra strain that goes on unnoticed will wear down the AC much faster. Your unit won’t reach its maximum lifespan, and you’ll end up in early air conditioning replacement.

Inefficient Cooling

Your air conditioner becomes a less efficient appliance when all these factors are present. Your AC struggles to meet its ideal temperature and thermostat setting. You’ll find that it can’t reach actual temperature settings and cooling capacity, or it takes too much time to achieve it. You might have to redo the installation with expert air conditioning services.

Electrical Safety Risks

If you don’t get experts to install your AC the right way, it could lead to electrical risks. The AC can short-circuit. Water leaks could affect its operation and seep into its internal parts. This is why an experienced AC specialist should handle the job for utmost safety.

Noisy Operation

Improper installation also results in noisier than usual ACs. It can be from the vibration of parts or connections, or the unit struggling to cool your space the right way. It can also be from improper sealing to keep cold air inside.

Call Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling for the proper AC installation process. You have to start right and avoid these common issues. We also provide expert air conditioning maintenance and repair for its whole life.