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Broken Arrow, OK has a climate range from mild winters to cold weather with some snow. These weather changes can affect your heaters. Make sure your heating installation in Broken Arrow, OK has the right maintenance and protection to keep it tiptop shape. 

ProThermal Heating and Cooling is the top local HVAC services company. We remind our clients all the time about the advantages of proper and regular system maintenance. This includes the external forces of nature and its possible effects. It pays to be more proactive to avoid hassles and extra costs in late repairs.


Strain Caused by Cold Weather

Broken Arrow is not free from cold snaps despite not having too many long winters. Sudden temperature changes can add strain to your heating system and disrupt its balance. It works harder than usual to maintain the right temperature. This extra strain causes wear and tear and leads to damage and sudden breakdowns.

Fluctuations in Humidity

The local climate can bring changes in humidity levels too. This affects your heating system’s performance and indoor air quality.

Low humidity also adds strain to your heating system to work harder and may lead to dry air. This can cause health issues such as dry skin and respiratory problems.

Proper heating maintenance is part of the upkeep. Also, adding humidifiers can help regulate humidity levels and improve air quality.

Effects On Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained heating system can adapt to temperature fluctuations and sudden weather changes. This means the mechanisms are at their peak and have no strain or developing issues. Any weakness in the system can become more pronounced with temperature fluctuations and weather changes in Broken Arrow. It can reduce its energy efficiency.

Regular heating services keep problems away and fix any minor issues at once. An efficient unit withstands minor external effects. This saves you on utility bills and any unwanted surprise issues when you’re using your heater.


A strong and well-maintained heating system can work without strain and withstand weather changes. It can work through, unaffected by temperature, humidity, and air pressure changes.

This will help you be prepared when there are changes outside that can reach your heater.

The industry suggests an annual tune-up for heaters and HVAC appliances to attain peak performance at all times. It will also extend its lifespan and level of efficiency.

As an additional boost, minor maintenance steps also help get to that 100% peak performance level. Simple tasks include cleaning and replacing filters, cleaning and clearing ductwork, and always making sure of proper ventilation. These help your system handle the climate variations without a problem.

Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling is the local expert for HVAC maintenance and tune-ups. You can rely on our experts to take care of all types of heaters for residences and businesses.

Call us today and get it done sooner than later. Your heating and HVAC devices will thank you.