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ProThermal Heating and Cooling, the trusted provider of HVAC services in Tulsa, OK, and nearby areas, make sure to help our local area clients maximize their HVAC systems. We also want to inform you how you can better understand your unit. That is why we encourage you to stay glued to this section of our website.

Our blog will provide all the latest information about HVAC system use and maintenance tips. We will also offer details about our residential and commercial HVAC services range. From the common issues affecting units to the best ways to extend their service life, we will ensure that our blogs have the key information you will need.

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How Often Do You Do Heating Tuneups And Why?

March 25, 2024
Heater being cleaned

Your heating installation in Broken Arrow, OK needs a regular tune-up for proper maintenance. This is a critical maintenance task that ensures optimal performance and prevents potential issues. But how often should you schedule these tune-ups, and why are they necessary? Heating Tune-Ups: Explaining the Basics Ideally, your heater needs a heating tuneup at least…

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When Are Furnaces A Good Heating Option For Your Home?

March 8, 2024
furnace heater

A new or replacement heating installation in Tulsa, OK can give homeowners different options. Furnaces in particular have been a popular favorite. It has different features and types that can be a good option for your home. It pays to know what furnaces are about if you plan to get one for your home soon.…

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Choosing the Right-Sized Heating System: Tips for Optimal Comfort and Efficiency

February 28, 2024
newly installed heating system Broken Arrow OK

Selecting the right-sized heating system for your home is essential for ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you’re considering a heating installation in Broken Arrow, OK, for a new home or upgrading your existing system, here are some valuable tips courtesy of ProThermal Heating and Cooling to help you choose the perfect fit: The…

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Prioritizing Energy Efficiency: The Key Consideration Before Your Heating Installation

February 15, 2024
heating installation Tulsa, OK

When it comes to your comfort at home, few things are as crucial as a reliable and efficient heating system. Whether you’re considering a heating installation in Tulsa, OK, for a new home or upgrading your existing system, prioritizing energy efficiency should be at the forefront of your decision-making process. Make sure to consider these…

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The Cost of Delaying Heating System Maintenance

January 31, 2024
Old heating systemOld heating system

Maintenance chores aren’t particularly fun activities, but miss them and you’re certain to see the effects sooner or later. While doing so might initially seem like a cost-saving measure, it could lead to more significant expenses down the line. Being the trusted company for heating installation in Broken Arrow, OK, we always remind our clients…

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Signs It’s Time for Professional Heating Repairs

January 15, 2024
Faulty heating system being repaired

With cold weather in full swing, the load on your home’s heating system becomes an even heavier one. Even the most reliable systems can encounter issues when operating under such circumstances. Fortunately, you can save your unit from potential breakdowns–and yourself from chilly discomfort–by knowing the signs that indicate it’s time for professional heating repairs.…

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