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We only see and interact with our heaters every winter. Most of us may still hold certain beliefs and practices about our heating installation in Tulsa, OK. We often take it for granted and assume we’ve been right all along. Right? Wrong.

Regular Maintenance Is A Waste Of Time

One of the most common misconceptions about our heaters is they don’t need routine maintenance. But, as many homeowners have experienced, lack of care and attention has resulted in emergency heating repair in winter. You don’t want to have a faulty heater during the time you need it most.

Heaters need regular heating maintenance for cleaning and to check for wear or developing issues. Preferably, we do our maintenance before we use it in winter, and after. This prepares us and allows us to be proactive against developing issues.

You Can Close The Vents to Save on Money and Energy

Closing the heater vents because you think you don’t need them is a bad mistake. It causes extreme pressure on your heater and can break it soon enough. You might as well be ready to call heating services once your heater starts acting up.

Vents make it possible for proper hot air circulation. You need them for even heating throughout the house.

Bigger Heaters Are Better

The truth is using a bigger heater at home can be overkill. It consumes more energy for heating a space that’s too small. Its powerful capacity also affects how the thermostat and heater cycle. This damages the heating system over time. It increases energy bills and is still not as efficient as the right-sized heaters.

Space Heaters Are Better

Space heaters may be effective for individual rooms, but they also consume more energy. They are good for temporary use but will cost you more in the long run.

If your system can’t do even heating at home, it’s better to fix air leaks or improve insulation. Or you can get an upgrade heating replacement.

Call Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling to get timely professional heater maintenance and repairs. Our technicians can dispel some myths or hearsay and guide you to the right heater care. Trust the experts only!