Surefire Signs That Your AC Unit is on the Fritz

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Old, worn-out AC unit in Tulsa, OK

The summer heat can make you rely heavily on your AC unit to stay cool, resulting in a heavier workload. As such, it can cause your AC to lose efficiency. Now that summer’s nearly over, you may notice this. Below are the surefire signs that your unit’s on the fritz and that it’s time to call for Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling for a quick air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK.

Weak Airflow

With a strong, functioning AC, you shouldn’t experience weak airflow. This problem is usually indicative of blocked vents–which can be easily fixed. However, should your AC unit be 10-15 years old, you may need a new air conditioning installation since it is better to replace it altogether than have to constantly call for repairs.

Warm Air

Your air conditioning unit should never blow warm air, but it could keep doing so if it’s on the fritz. It might mean your air conditioner is working too hard or that components inside have become dislodged or worn out. Whatever the culprit, be sure to call for prompt air conditioning services to ensure your unit doesn’t get any worse.

Strange Sounds

Air conditioning units are supposed to run quietly. Unfortunately, if yours has suddenly taken to constantly making odd sounds such as squeaking, banging, or buzzing, you might need an air conditioning replacement. Before you take that step, be sure to consult a reputable technician to determine if they can make repairs to salvage your system.

Foul Odors

Another sign that signifies that your air conditioner is on the fritz is that foul odors are emanating from it. Depending on the smell, you might have a growth of mold or mildew inside your system, a chemical leak, or an electrical component that has burnt out. Regular air conditioning maintenance can help prevent such issues.

If your air conditioning unit seems to be on the fritz, you can count on Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling to expertly get to the bottom of it. Schedule an AC service appointment by contacting us today!