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Old, worn-out AC unit in Tulsa, OK

It will be a bad summer if you go into the season with a faulty AC. It’s your lifeline for cooling comfort in the intense heat. If you notice certain activities on your unit that are out of the ordinary, call for expert air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK. You might be just in time to get it fixed before it escalates to something more serious.

Weak Airflow

If your AC cannot produce the same level of airflow, it needs air conditioning services to assess the internal system. It could just be blockages in vents or air passages. If your AC is past its prime years from 10 years old and onwards, there could already be a serious issue with its mechanism.

Warm Air

Getting warm air from your AC can mean a serious issue with its cooling capability. How are the refrigerant levels, evaporator coils, or compressors? It could also mean there are loose connections or blockages inside, or more serious issues. It can either be a major repair or an air conditioning replacement. An expert technician is the only person who can do a proper assessment and repair.

Abnormal Sounds

Your AC making weird sounds is a red flag and often a sign of something more serious going on. The only usual sound we get from it is the constant droning hum or when we are starting up the AC and the mechanism starts running. Knocking, dragging, or irregular moving sounds are serious signs. Always get regular air conditioning maintenance to see if there are loose or damaged parts or other internal issues.

Your AC Produces A Bad Smell

Often, bad smells from your AC can be the internal growth of mold from leaks and condensation. It can also be something clogging your vents and air passages. There may be something trapped inside, or a broken part causing it.

Your AC is telling you something when you get these unusual signs. They can be serious or soon-to-be serious issues. Call Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling today to get to the bottom of the issue. You need the local trusted specialists before these issues become more complicated and costly.