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Since 2019, ProThermal Heating and Cooling has served as the trusted HVAC contractor in Tulsa, OK, and nearby areas. Each technician on our team maintains certification and professional licenses. We consistently go above and beyond customer expectations, and we stand behind our work.

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Heating Repair

Just as an air conditioner is essential during the hot season, a properly working heating system is vital during the cold months. Whether it’s a business heating and cooling unit or a more traditional, residential furnace, the expert technicians at Prothermal use their extensive experience to solve your problem down to the root cause.

A malfunctioning heater has many of the same signs as a malfunctioning air conditioner. If your power bill has been steadily increasing, this suggests that your unit may be overcompensating for broken parts. At the same time, a sudden decrease in air quality indicates excess dust build-up. This problem is a bit more severe in a heater because high heat and a large amount of dust is a fire risk. Additionally, you should also watch out for:

Cool Spots - Cold areas remaining in the building, even when the heat is on, indicate an uneven circulation of hot air. Typically, blockages in the ductwork & vents prevent the proper airflow.

Yellow or Orange Pilot Light - Going with Prothermal’s team of experts for repairs to keep your heating system in tip-top shape is the best way to gain peace of mind over long winters. Not only will it keep you and your family comfortable but, with continued maintenance, you'll save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Heating & AC Maintenance

The Prothermal Heating & Cooling company’s main claim to fame is our attention to detail when performing maintenance on our client’s heating and cooling units. We have almost 20 years of experience in the heating and cooling repairs industry, and we invest in continual training for our employees so they can notice details competing technicians won’t. Not only will our expert team fix the problem you’re having with your unit, but they’ll also perform an exhaustive survey of your system to remedy the problem at its root.

Our in-depth repairs keep money in your pocket by significantly extending the lifespan of your heater or air conditioner, ensuring that it requires less maintenance over its lifetime. Additionally, we can also provide our expert opinion on whether your heating and cooling system should be repaired or replaced. No matter what you decide, we’ll be on standby should you have any questions or concerns.

At Prothermal, we train our employees to be familiar with nearly every brand of air conditioner and heating system on the market so that they can help as many clients as possible. Also, in our dedication to providing clean indoor air quality, we’ve grown familiar with several brands of air filtration equipment available to purchase.

Filter Systems

Air filter systems enhance HVAC efficiency. Our filter systems also improve your home's air quality.

Air Purified Dehumidifiers

Breathe easier with air purifiers and dehumidifiers. We install, repair and maintain these systems.

Indoor Air Quality

More important than keeping your home at a tolerable temperature is keeping your air safe to breathe. Heating and cooling units work by cycling interior air through the system, cooling with refrigerant, and releasing unwanted heat outside. However, this process creates a moist environment within the unit that’s ideal for the growth of various molds and algae.

As the foreign matter grows, the heating and cooling unit will transport particles through its system and into the building during regular operation. When this happens, the indoor air quality drops significantly, and the interior atmosphere quickly becomes contaminated, potentially causing issues to anyone with respiratory issues (allergies, COPD, asthma, etc.). Fortunately, Prothermal has several effective options to help fight against air-borne particles and return healthy, clean air to your living space.

Our selection of high-quality filters make excellent additions to any home, eliminating pollen, dust, and pollution long before it reaches your living space. Each filter attaches quickly and efficiently to your existing heating and cooling system, but each offers something different for your home.

Our premium air filters include high-efficiency models that are several times more effective than basic ones you find in a store. We also offer several advanced disinfectant options for your heating and cooling, such as ionizers and UV light technology. Ionizers and UV tech is installed directly into your ductwork, completely eliminating any dangerous bacteria before it can enter your home.

Moving onto more advanced air purification tools, we can also install from our selection of indoor air purifiers and absorbers into your home.

Purifiers dispense chemical vapors that cling to unwanted molecules such as dust and pollen, clumping them together and drawing them into the machine before capturing them with an internal filter. Absorbers, aka HEPA filters, work similarly except that they can draw in much finer particles such as toxic vapors and volatile gases to ensure the most comprehensive air purification possible.

Who We Serve

Our HVAC experts serve homeowners and even commercial property owners in:

Complete Home Comfort with ProThermal Heating and Cooling Saturdays 4 PM to 5 PM

Each week Complete Home Comfort with ProThermal Heating and Cooling is going to talk about every aspect of your home comfort system to help you get the longest life out of your investment and to make sure it’s performing to the highest standard. New episodes are posted every Saturday.

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Prothermal Plus Whole Home Maintenance Program

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Enrolling in the Prothermal Plus Whole Home Maintenance Program ensures your Heating & Air Systems are Always Running at Top Performance while minimizing breakdowns and other repair issues. Doing so also improves energy-efficiency and can significantly extend service life.

Enjoy the benefits, for one low price, including:
2-30 point system checks per year
Discounted Dispatch Fees ($78 value)
15% discount on all parts and refrigerant
48 hour Priority service

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When starting ProThermal Heating and Cooling, We set out to build and develop the best Residential Heating and Air Conditioning company possible.

The Best way for us to do this is to enter your home with the Heart of a Servant.

We are truly here to Serve You and Your Home.

Our vision for this company was to set new standards for the way an Air Conditioning company performs and interacts with its customers.


If You're a Military Veteran or Active Service Member, then you qualify for a FREE annual HVAC preventive maintenance.

We’re proud to give back to the veterans and military service members who have done so much for our country.

You deserve the comfort of knowing that things on the home front are as they should be and that certainly includes the peace of knowing that your home’s HVAC systems are all in good condition and that trained professionals are standing by if something goes wrong.


Here at Prothermal, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving Tulsa, OK and the surrounding areas with top-quality maintenance.

We perform a detailed 30-point inspection. Once we have completed your system inspection, we will take the time to go through each line of the inspection sheet and take the time to properly educate you.

We feel that the most important thing we can do while in your home is to educate you about how your home comfort system is performing. If we do our job properly, you the homeowner will be able to make confident educated decisions on what you would like to do to fix any potential issues.

We believe it is solely the customer's job to make these decisions. We will never lead nor pressure customers into purchasing anything they neither need nor want.

Our goal is simply to make sure you have a unit that works for years to come.

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A large, unexpected expense such as a broken HVAC system is never a pleasant surprise. However, you don't have to suffer through an uncomfortable season. We have great financing options for your new HVAC system, with convenient monthly payments, competitive interest rates, and flexible financing terms.

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Our team wants all local area homeowners to have easy access to quality heating and cooling systems. We offer financing through Service Finance. Our prompt arrival, thorough work, and professionalism make us the go-to local HVAC company. Our team also partners with trusted brands like American Standard, so rest assured that our products are only the best that the market has to offer.

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