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technician installing an AC in Tulsa, OK

We at Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling understand the importance of a proper installation for your cooling system. A poorly installed cooling system will need air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK in time. It can also result in five issues.

Increase in Energy Consumption

A cooling system with improper installation can consume more energy than it should. The reasons for this could be inadequate sealing, loss of cool air, or a malfunctioning part. This leads to higher energy bills, putting unnecessary strain on your budget.

Shortened Lifespan

A cooling system is an investment designed to provide comfort for several years. Improper installation can reduce this lifespan. Incorrect installation of its components can wear them fast due to irregular strain. It can cause premature breakdown of the entire system. You may need air conditioning replacement sooner than expected.

Decreased Efficiency

Efficiency is critical in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office. A cooling system with an incorrect installation won’t have full function. Professional air conditioning maintenance technicians can identify the issue. If necessary, they would need to reinstall the system to improve its efficiency.

Safety Risks

Improper handling of electrical components can lead to short circuits, posing a fire risk. Furthermore, incorrect drainage installation could lead to water leaks and potential electrical hazards. Consult a professional air conditioning services technician today. It is the best way to identify and correct any issues with your system’s installation.

Noise Pollution

Air conditioning systems that need appropriate installation can cause a lot of noise. In extreme cases, the system may vibrate in its structure, creating an uncomfortable environment. Get experienced air conditioning repair to identify the noise source and adjust it.

Pro Thermal Heating and Cooling ensure the correct installation of your cooling system. We take the time to understand your space’s layout and identify potential risk areas so you get the best possible outcome. We provide superior service and unparalleled value when installing your cooling system. Contact us today to get expert advice and a proper air conditioning installation.